Meet the brains behind Payinvoice is the brainchild of brothers Kevin Le, accounting geek, and Chris Le, entrepreneur and competitive racquetball player.

The brothers fled Vietnam following the war at ages 5 and 3, along with their parents. After 22 long nights on a 20-foot fishing boat, they arrived safely in Hong Kong, immigrating to America shortly thereafter.

Once here, they worked and studied hard. Chris gravitated towards marketing and management. Kevin, a natural engineer and tinkerer, studied economics. Chris started a payments business. Kevin joined Chris as his accountant and integrations specialist. Frustrated with the invoicing software he was supporting, Kevin poured himself into coding bootcamp and taught himself computer programming. The result was designing his own proprietary software that avoided the shortcomings of third-party vendors.

Kevin and Chris’ backgrounds in payment processing give them unique insight into the pain points around chasing invoices and reconciling payments. They believe there’s a better way to do payments. They have dedicated themselves to customer service and are passionate about accounts receivable problem-solving. They bring talent, hard work and an unbeatable skill-set to addressing these challenges. At the end of the day their ultimate goal, is making people happy.

Kevin and Chris
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